How are we supporting the Caregivers?

This article really highlights the current state of our family members that are caring for our residents. The Star Tribune states that “About 66 million Americans take care of a parent, spouse, relative or other loved one. Roughly a third also are raising children, according to the nonprofit National Alliance for Caregiving.”  A large percentage of caregivers are facing an overwhelming responsibility and feel pulled in many directions. As the article notes, our upcoming baby boomer population had fewer children than their parents, their caregivers will feel even more of stress and the burden will be spread between less siblings.  What are some creative ways you are supporting the caregivers in your workplace? Here are a few ways in which you can help:

  1. Offer a caregivers support group on site, provide refreshments and relaxation. Each meeting offer tips on coping, grief and loss, ideas on stress relief, provide suggestions on how your workplace can specifically support each caregiver, and ideas on strategizing on home life successes.
  2. Offer workplace communication via email. This is often a more convenient option for caregivers.
  3. Provide a special speaker to offer professional support and education.
  4. Facilitate a yoga class or meditation class.

For more support and suggestions visit the National Alliance for Caregiving: