Spread a Little Love ~ Valentine’s Day

Hello and Happy New Year! This is our first blog of the New Year and we are already starting to think about what to plan next. These four crafts and gifts caught our eye and we had to share!

We chose these because they would be fun to make in a group setting, easy to put together, budget friendly and would be validating for our seniors as they can all be given as gifts to someone they love. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Valentine’s Tea Bags:

What you will need~

-Tea bags

-Scrapbook paper

-Fun Valentine’s stickers

-Clear bags or Mug (optional)



Take and cut the scrapbook paper to fit around the end of the tea bag. Fold the paper in half and staple to secure the paper to the string. Then decorate with a fun Valentine’s sticker. Place in gift bag or mug and tie with a decorative ribbon. Give as a gift and spread the love! (see picture above!)

Valentine’s Day Cupcake Liner Corsage:

What you will need~

-Regular size cupcake liners (decorative)

-Mini- muffin size cupcake liners (decorative)

-Valentine’s Stickers (be creative)


-Glue, hot glue, stapler or tape


Line up the Regular size cupcake liner and then place a smaller liner on top. Secure with glue, tape or stapler. Next, place a decorative sticker in the center. Then, cut two pieces of ribbon and secure to the back of the cupcake liners. Give to someone you love and say “Happy Valentine’s Day”! See picture below for reference.

Heart Ornaments:

What you will need~


-Cornstarch glue


-Heart shaped cookie cutter

-Parchment paper

First, make your cornstarch glue by combining cornstarch and water over medium heat until it is thick and translucent. Once the glue has cooled enough to touch, cut your yarn into foot long piece, and place your cookie cutter on your parchment paper. Then, push a piece of yarn into the cornstarch glue until it’s coated, and then remove any excess glue with your fingers. Next, lay the yarn inside the cookie cutter. Repeat until the cookie cutter is filled with a thin layer of yarn, and then press the yarn flat and gently lift the cookie cutter off and allow the yarn to dry. Secure with a ribbon on top and hang on your door, house plant or anywhere you need a little love!  (http://livingonloveandcents.com)

Valentine’s Peppermint Sugar Scrub:

What you will need~

-White granulated sugar or organic raw sugar

-Almond oil or grape seed oil or coconut oil

-Vitamin E oil

-Peppermint essential oil

-Mini Mason jar

-Valentine’s themed fabric

Take two cups of white granulated Sugar and mixed in a 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup Almond Oil (Coconut Oil will work too).  Add the oil slowly till you have a nice soft consistency that is soft but not too oily.  Then add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Place sugar scrub in mini mason jar and cover with festive Valentine’s themed fabric. Give as a gift or use for yourself. Pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day! (theidearoom.net)

Have fun, be creative and let us know what your favorite Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts are!