Sex Education for Our Senior Population

shutterstock_278376602We know. You never thought you’d have to sit through another sex education class after you survived high school. It’s time again to revisit a little of that education with our maturity in mind. Recently, we have seen a rapid rise of sexually transmitted diseases in our senior population. What is more concerning than this fact, is the lack of education, awareness and conversation around this new trend. With new advances in our medical field, medications to improve sexuality at an older age and the freedom to date and create new partnerships later in life, this age group is proving they are at risk.


In some lights, there is a perceived ‘freedom’ in pursuing a healthy sexual life in the older years. (Without the risk of pregnancy and perhaps the rekindling of those idyllic memories of the past, surely intrigue at least a few). What this newfound ‘freedom’ doesn’t include however, is the knowledge and detrimental effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Combine all of these notions and it’s a perfect storm.


How do you play a role in facilitating the sex education for our senior population? Or what role do you think we should play in the conversation?


I think we have a responsibility to create an awareness and continued conversation around the issue of sexual health as it relates to our seniors quality of life and our role to enhance it.


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