Service Projects for Seniors

Service Projects for SeniorsNext time you’re looking for a new activity to organize for your senior community, why not have them participate in a service project? Not only can this be a fun group activity for your residents, these projects are validating for seniors because they help others. We’ve put together some suggestions of service projects for your senior population to participate in:


No-Sew Fleece Tie Blankets
Assembling fleece tie blankets is a great activity because your seniors can produce a finished product without having to sew or do detailed work that might be hard for those with poor eyesight. This is especially a great activity for your residents that like a sense of accomplishment at the completion of a project. In only a short time, they’ll have a blanket that can benefit a number of charities, including hospitals, shelters, and children’s charities. Find easy instructions on how to get started here.

Welcome and Birthday Committees

Do you know a couple extra social seniors who are the first to chat up a new resident or never forget a birthday? Why not form a birthday committee or welcome committee and let them take the lead? Enlist their help in organizing a party when there’s a new face to welcome, or in making sure everyone gets a birthday card on their special day. This will allow you to get direct input from your residents about what they’d appreciate, and they will enjoy contributing their ideas.


Dog Biscuits for the Humane Society
Since many senior care facilities can’t accommodate pets, baking dog biscuits to donate to the local Humane Society can be comforting for residents who miss their four legged friends. Find an easy recipe here.


Care Packages for Troops
For your patriotic-minded residents, organize an event to assemble care packages for members of the military serving overseas. You can have residents sign up ahead of time to bring items such as non-perishable snacks, travel-size hygiene products, playing cards, disposable cameras, or first aid supplies. Then, have everyone come together to assemble the care packages and write notes of thanks and encouragement to include. For more information about sending military care packages, click here.


Coupon Clipping
Did you know that US coupons can be used overseas for up to six months after their expiration date? There are several organizations that collect these coupons to send to military families, and they can be a huge help to overseas families on tight budgets. This is an easy, low-key activity, that makes good use of all that “junk mail”! Find out more from Coupons to Troops or the Overseas Coupon Program.


For seasonal suggestions on projects to do with your seniors, see this blog post.