Senior Healthcare and Technology

One thought we have had is “Are you open to change?”  Is this industry ready for a new way of doing business? The reality is that our “old” way of doing business is not working well. The world outside of senior healthcare is changing, growing and embracing technology. Using the technology will help us to get our jobs done better and more efficiently.  What we mean is that we are taking our paper files and outdated records and expecting impressive results. In our world of senior event planning we are finding that our population that is coming into our care is expecting better events- with the experts providing those events. An example is that they are requesting an actual yoga teacher to teach yoga and a trained educator to speak on a specific researched topic.  We think that having access to a variety of event providers by using technology to effectively find and search for events with not only benefit our seniors, it will benefit the industry in the long run. Let’s do this.