Retired Living: Back to College

When most of us daydream of retirement we’re filled with thoughts of warm weather and leisurely days of relaxation. Not the case for everyone, we’re starting to see a new trend with retirees heading to where the action is: college towns.


Campus living, you wonder? Moving into a college town provides culture, things to do, sports games to attend, the ability to stay active, and many opportunities to volunteer and learn. Many colleges are now letting older adults attend free classes for lifelong learning. It not only deepens the class experience but decreases dementia and encourages active brain involvement. Best of all, college makes you feel young again!


NBC nightly news highlights this new phenomenon:  or


This is another reason why we need to provide a vibrant community full of action, excitement, stimulating, and creates the opportunity for lifelong learning.


How do you keep your older adult population engaged and foster learning?