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Event Planner


Looking to plan events for your facility? We’re your one-stop shop to find events and connect with providers….

Find the best local event providers to enrich the lives of the seniors you work with. The list is built from the best, most-trusted source—the recommendations of your peers!

Save Time

No more stuffed inboxes, cold calling vendors or random fliers laying around. Engage with a community supported list of providers

Get your time back while still getting all the information you need!  Direct Event Provider cold calls and emails to and have them their own willGather profiles.

More Variety

Never run out of ideas again! Create an amazing lineup of events for your seniors.

Ensure Quality

Help your fellow senior recreation directors plan great events by reviewing the providers you hire. Also, share your event provider list to GROW our community.

"I knew there were other events I could hire for my seniors but I just didn’t know which ones to use. With these reviews, I would be more comfortable using a new provider- and my residents couldn’t be happier!"

- Tamra B., Planner

“My binder of event provider was getting so big I could barely find the ones I wanted to use. I wish I had an easier way to manage it and here it is. Thank you!”

- Cathy W., Planner