Our Story

Why We’re Here

When I was younger, my grandma came to live with us and became one of my closest friends. I began to see what life looked like as you age and what changes can take place. It was a gift to be able to have a front row seat on having a loved one live out their final chapter and leave a legacy. In this phase of life there are many changes.

I found that the one unifying outlook that we all need is hope: the joy of something to look forward to, whether it’s a visit from loved one or friend, a party, a game, or a show. Our hope is to create a sense of community, inspiring a vision of life-long learning and engagement.

The Foundation

Inspired by this passion, I went on to earn my Bachelors of Science degree in Human Services: Social Gerontology and became Activity Director Certified with NCCAP. I spent many years working as a Director in a senior living facility overseeing their Therapeutic Recreation, Volunteer and Spiritual Care Departments.

The Need

A typical day of an Activity Director is very busy. It’s filled with spending time with our senior population, planning for the future and then executing what we’ve already planned! In the midst of all of that, it’s managing the daily life of providing great programs (that are new and exciting), returning LOTS of phone calls from eager Entertainers and Event Providers, and of course completing daily administrative tasks. I realized I spent so much time returning phone calls and trying to find new ideas. My vendor list was outdated and my google search was fruitless.

The Dream

I found myself dreaming of a resource (that did not exist yet) where I could find all my favorite Entertainers and Event Providers in one location AND be given some new ideas of events to provide.

In asking other Activity Directors if they had the same frustration, I found out that they do! We have all been wishing for the same thing.  So, the hard work began of getting all those ideas onto paper and then creating the product that you see today. We spent time researching, studying and working hard to make it a valuable resource that is easy to use, would save us time in our job and most of all, inspire us.

That was my dream. Simple and hopefully very helpful for all of you. Thank you for the good work you do everyday. I’m hopeful that as a community we can build this resource. Send us your favorite Entertainers and Event Providers (we’ll get them added!) and review our current Event Providers. We hope to inspire you to design experiences that create joy and hope. Happy planning!

The Big Picture

Our Seniors Matter. willGather allows you to easily find, research and schedule events that engage your community of aging adults. willGather is a single portal to learn, share and search efficiently. Activity professionals are constantly searching for new and exciting events to provide for their senior populations. willGather  is here to provide a new way to connect with Event Providers—no more stuffed voicemail boxes or stray papers floating around. My hope is that it is as helpful to you as it is to me.

The Podcast: Coming Soon!

The willGather podcast gathers us together! We are here to come alongside family members, loved ones and the senior living community as we explore this inner world of aging and senior living with helpful resources and informative interviews.


More Variety

Create a more fulfilling environment for your seniors by sharing new experiences from a variety of Event Providers based on the experiences of your peers.

Minimize Risk

Finding an activity Event Provider used to be risky. No longer. Now you can have the tools to make an informed decision and see what other Activity Directors and Event Planners have to say about their experiences from reviews by other professionals like you, ensure more value for your money.

Save Time

Quickly search for new ideas and find event provider details and contact information in one place. Save time returning Event Provider cold calls, by referring them to update their own willGather profiles.