Lessons Learned from Artsy Smartsy: Part 3

This is Part 3 in our series covering  Artsy Smartsy

Finally:  What I have learned teaching 3 years of Artsy Smartsy classes?????

“In the last year we have seen miracles, heard words from those who regularly don’t speak, got to know folks who NEVER leave their rooms if not for class, we’ve assisted in bringing back memories of loved ones, family, home, travel, sorrows and joy, we’ve seen tears, heard exasperation of relief, seen shock and so much pride, we’ve seen folks make new friends, we’ve seen phone numbers be exchanged, we’ve heard so much laughter, spilled so much paint and sang so many different versions of “You are My Sunshine”, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and my grandpas favorite, John Denver’s “Country Roads” we could start a senior choir. We’ve made new friends, and most importantly we have given and received so many hugs and kisses.

Artsy Smartsy is a business which has brought together all of my life experience in design, art, customer service, sales, education, large family dynamics, close relations with my own grandparents in order to help seniors LIVE their final years.  Artsy Smartsy helps people find their vision, their purpose, allows them a place where they can make their own decisions, mess up, make mistakes AND LEARN from them.  It a place where seniors feel safe and alive, where they can make new friendships, feel proud of themselves, show off a little, and create something which they can give as a gift.  Artsy Smartsy gives seniors back their dignity and purpose and enhances their lives if only 2 hours at a time.  I only hope someone will do this for me when I am old and alone.

Sooooooo back to what I have learned…..I have learned that I am always learning, and becoming a better artist and teacher. BUT, mostly, I have learned that THIS is what I am supposed to be doing for the rest of my life! I encourage all of you to find what sparks YOUR light, and chase it!”

Class availability is filling up! If you are interested in have Artsy Smartsy facilitate a class for your seniors sign up ASAP!

Tina Marie Ferguson Ottmar

Owner, Art Educator


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Artsy Smartsy, LLC

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