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Example Event

Let’s Sing! with Brad Richard

by Brad Richard

I've been doing one-man shows for years and have played senior facilities, community festivals, family reunions, private parties, etc. throughout the Twin Cities area. My shows generally last an hour at senior facilities, but I have been persuaded to keep playing longer at other private events😊. The songs I do are classics in their genre and are always well received. Due to working far too hard the past few years, I've not had the time to perform. That's changed now and I'm getting back into the groove with my show. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Event Details:

Mine is a a one-man show. I sing either with just my guitar as accompaniment or with custom backing tracks I’ve recorded, played through my PA. I also strongly encourage the audience to sing along with me. The songs are a wide variety from old time country and gospel to polkas to calypso to waltzes and even a little R & R. I also tell corny jokes. The aim of Let’s Sing! is simply to entertain and have fun. We all have a lot of fun.


60 minutes

Estimated Cost:

Minneapolis/St. Paul


Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, Memory Care / Alzheimers, Senior Center, Independent Living