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Joanne Bolles

by Joanne Bolles

I specialize in providing professional, thought-provoking music programs for seniors @ all stages of their lives. I play the acoustic guitar, and I am a singer. My website is

Event Details:

I have been singing and playing the acoustic guitar for seniors for over 20 years; full time for the past 10 years. I started singing and playing the guitar @ the age of 10. And, I am now 58years old.


My passion is sharing music with seniors, @ all stages of their lives. I provide music from the early 1900’s on up, in the genres/styles of jazz/swing, pop, folk, country, gospel, r&b/blues, show tunes, waltzes/polkas, patriotic.


I also share relevant information/facts/stories of the songs that I share. And, this has turned out to be something that sets me apart from many other senior musicians. I also take a lot of pride in building my programs on the special requests I receive from each Home.


45 minutes

Estimated Cost:

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Single Vocalist

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Long-Term Care, Memory Care / Alzheimers, Senior Center