Oh what fun it is to…give back!

The holidays are a special time of year in senior living facilities. There is a joyful hustle and bustle. The decorations come out and the music is in full gear. There is entertainment to be seen, special outings to join, and parties to attend.  I have found this is also the busiest season, with many people choosing the holidays to visit their loved ones or give their time to volunteer.  While this is wonderful and adds to the holiday cheer it also gets me thinking about the rest of the year.  I’m encouraging you all to continue the holiday spirit beyond the season and well into the New Year. I’ve discovered that after Christmas when the decorations come down and the business disappears- that’s when we really need our seniors to have a special visit and a volunteer hug.


There are many ways to give back. Even gifts throughout the year are meaningful! Here are some gift ideas that we have found to be needed and helpful:


  • iPad or iPod (we are finding that these are very popular!) You can Skype or load your loved one’s favorite music.
  • CD player/ Radio (learn what would be best for your loved one and their abilities)
  • Large print magazine subscriptions (we all love getting things in the mail!)
  • Games (word puzzles/ board games/ electronic hand held games)
  • Lotions or toiletries
  • Family photos or better yet- a digital photo frame
  • Favorite snack or candy
  • Zip up sweaters or fleece sweatshirts
  • Gift certificates to the local stores in their area (the Barber or Beauty Shop is a popular choice)


BEST Gift: Give the gift of time- come in for a weekly visit, send a card, or take the time to personalize your loved ones room and space.


Check out this story to see how one daughter’s love spread holiday cheer to many who needed it and it continues throughout the whole year.



Let the gifts of this Holiday Season inspire you!