FITness IS FUNdamental

We are excited to introduce our Guest Blogger, Nikki Carrion MA, with FitXpress.

FITness IS FUNdamental
with Nikki Carrion MA

“Health is Wealth…Invest in Yourself with Exercise.”  That’s something Jack LaLLane said many, many years ago.  Jack was an amazing example of the level of health that results from an active lifestyle.  Some of us remember Jack for his amazing feats of physical fitness in the 1950’s and 60’s, some us are more familiar with the Power Juicer Jack and his wife Elaine advertise and we can all be awed by the fact that Jack lived a healthy and active life until he passed in 2011 at the age of 96.  However, what very few of us know is that Jack had a multitude of health issues in his younger years.  He reports having overcome them by making healthy lifestyle choices.


The majority of residents and/or patients (RPs) served in a health care facility are plagued with chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions and other various conditions.  These conditions are overseen by the essential care of health care professionals.  However, the time that any health care professional will spend with an individual is a fraction of the time that the facility’s activity professional (AP) will spend with him or her.  With the level of contact an AP has with his or her residents, there is powerful potential in terms of helping those residents to improve their functional fitness…and the best part is it’s never too late to get started.


In the late 90’s I began thinking about how I might be able to help you, as an AP, accomplish this task.  That’s when I began developing what is now known as The FUNctional FITness Series.  This is a series of chair exercise DVDs designed with the specific needs of your RPs in mind.  The series was carefully thought out, and is backed by 20+ years of practical experience and the best practices of a number of evidence-based programs such as A Matter of Balance, FallProof Programming, Easy Tai Chi and Enhance Fitness. 

Regardless of age, it’s highly touted in the field of fitness that we are much more likely to respond to a request to be active if we understand not only “what” we need to do…but “why” we need to do it.  Specifically…“how” it will benefit us on a personal level.


We’re excited to tell you this is the precise intent of this new addition to!  This column, as we begin, will be outlining the FitXpress FUNdamentals in FUNctional FITnessYou will be receiving great information each month, and tips for using this information with your RPs.


The FUNdamentals of FUNctional fitness are:

  1. Daily exercise of the full lung capacity.
  2. Daily movements related to the range-of-motion of the major joints.
  3. Daily activities related to improvement of muscular strength.
  4. Daily efforts related to physical balance.
  5. Daily cardiovascular-type efforts.


As the door opens in the first few months, columns will discuss the FUNdamentals in FUNctional FITness on an individual basis.  Use the concrete tips provided to launch a new-and-exciting functional fitness program for your RPs, or enhance a program already in place.  For now… read, rehearse and remember the fundamentals.  Next month…be ready to introduce them to your residents and/or patients…one-at-a-time.  Look forward, each month, to new topics and implementation ideas.  Walk away each month excited about the idea of teaching and encouraging those you touch to be active managers of their health.  You, and your residents, will be amazed as you see improvements transpire before your very eyes.  Even if your efforts help RPs to maintain…that is an accomplishment in itself.


It is never too late to become physically active, and researchers suggest sedentary older adults who become active are often the quickest to see results.  With that in mind, get ready to empower those you serve to higher levels of functional fitness.


Until next time…have a healthy day!


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Nikki Carrion, owner of FitXpress LLC, has a passion and mission is to empower older adults to higher levels of functional fitness.  FitXpress has a series of chair exercise DVDs that are safe and effective AND that put the FUN into FUNction! There are many titles that can be seen at the following link;
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