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willGather is an online community dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our aging community by connecting Activity Directors and Therapeutic Recreation Professionals with vendors, venues and others in the senior living industry.

Why We’re Here

Activity professionals are constantly searching for new and exciting events to provide for their senior populations. willGather  is here to provide a new way to connect with event providers—no more stuffed voicemail boxes or stray papers floating around.

The Big Picture

Our Seniors Matter. willGather allows you to easily find, research and schedule events that engage your community of aging adults. willGather is a single portal to learn, share and search efficiently.

More Variety

Create a more fulfilling environment for your seniors by sharing new experiences from a variety of event providers based on the experiences of your peers. Search through categories including entertainment and education.

Minimize Risk

Finding an activity event provider used to be risky. Now you can have the tools to make an informed decision and see what other event planners have to say about their experiences from reviews by other professionals like you, ensure more value for your money. Best of all, willGather cuts out the guesswork by connecting you with reviews by your event planning peers.

Save Time

Quickly search for new ideas and find event provider details and contact information in one place. Save time returning event provider cold calls, by referring them to update their own willGather profiles.

willGather Wishes, was born out of our passion to give back to the senior community which we love so dearly. We are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to our non-profit partners. Our non-profit partners are organizations that support aging successfully, can provide life enrichment and events for our underserved seniors. Our hope is to provide a vibrant life of engagement for seniors by connecting them to dynamic events within the community. Let us know if you support an organization that is aligned with our vision. As we grow our community we can continually grow our support of willGather Wishes and of giving back in a BIG way! 

Every Senior Event Planner has a personal favorite collection of Event Providers. Keeping that information current and up-to-date takes time and energy. We help you by providing updated and accurate information, keeping you engaged in new Event Provider offerings and events. With our searching capability you can save time by finding exactly what you need in a moment. Our peer reviews will give you peace of mind in choosing a new Event Provider and offer helpful feedback for your next event. Go to Quick Tour.

By using willGather you can:

  • Save time by quickly searching and finding event providers, their contact information- all in one place – No more random fliers cluttering your file drawers.
  • Make informed decisions by having access to peer reviews.
  • Never run out of ideas again! Create an amazing lineup of events for your seniors, then help fellow senior recreation directors plan great events by reviewing the providers you hire.
  • Connect to Local Event Providers. Expand the variety of your events. Keep your seniors engaged. Get access to event providers with event details.
  • Collect Event Ideas. More event ideas in one location. Browse through categories to create a more fulfilling environment for your seniors.

That’s easy! Send us a copy of your Event Provider information. If they are not already in the willGather database, our staff will enter their information. We will also reach out to the Providers and let them know they’ve been added to willGather so that they can update their Event Profiles.

willGather offers review resolution and moderation to make sure that all of our providers and planners have access to accurate information. Having your events listed provides you:

  • More exposure
  • Saves time- less cold calling, more time doing events and less time promoting them
  • Keep event planners updated about your events

You will be able to see your reviews (anonymously) in your Event Profile.

You can share your username with those that work at your location. We do require separate memberships for separate work locations. See our Terms of Use.

We are a national platform and are currently growing. In most states we are a FREE resource as we grow. We have small yearly membership fee for our Activity Directors/ Event Planners (in locations that have a valuable database of information) with the hopes of being able to add more value to the resource, continue to grow our services to meet your needs, and most importantly develop willGather wishes which gives back to our community to provide life giving events for underserved seniors.

We offer this resource at a low cost to ensure that our willGather community grows and that we can maintain our offerings to enrich the lives of others. We ask that our Activity Director/Event Planner members send us their list of Event Providers and rate/review the Event Providers for the benefit of the community. Thank you for continuing to support our vision!

We feel strongly about offering our senior living population access to ALL of our vendors that provides events. With this vision we extend a FREE membership to all of our Event Providers and Vendors. We want the integrity of the information to be pure, and host all Event Providers so that Activity Directors/Event Planners can have access to the most information possible, not just to the Event Providers who pay.

We are confident we are providing a very good value to our customers by providing easier planning and better events. We believe our fee is a fair amount to provide and maintain this valuable resource for our activity directors.




willGather allows you to save time when planning events as well as provide more variety for your residents and have a higher degree of confidence in the event providers you select. Planners across the state believe the membership fee is an excellent value for their residents.

One person I talked with was recently looking for a clog dancing group to come and perform. She had a new resident from Holland and thought the rest would enjoy the dancers as well.  She spent a few hours trying to find a group but gave up because she had other things she needed to do. Within a few minutes on willGather, we had found a group, watched a video of them dancing and had an email ready to send. Her schedule is always full and she loved how much time she would save while still providing the best quality events for her residents.

We don’t expect our users to spend hours on willGather every month. In fact, the faster you can find what you are looking for, the sooner you can get back to spending time with your residents and or planning for the next event. We understand your time is valuable, that is why willGather was started.

We would love to have you in our community!  If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

We hope you find value in this resource! We do not offer a trial membership or refund due to the non-tangible nature of the information provided through willGather. However, if you are dissatisfied with our service, you are not obligated to renew your annual membership. If you would like we can connect with other planners that are members to get their feedback on their satisfaction of the website.

It sounds like you spend a lot of time planning and put thought into your job- have you used those event providers before? Could you offer feedback and reviews for your fellow peers? Do you have a desire to use new event providers or get more ideas? Do you ever need to find events last minute due to a cancellation or a resident/ family request? We can help.

We also offer resources and information through our Be Inspired page regularly where you could find support, ideas and new information to provide for your senior community.

After you create your event, you will be able to view your event. The event will display a preview with your bio, name, and event description. This is exactly as it shows to Senior Event Planners.

Access to the entire Provider of the site is based on a specific membership fee for Activity Directors and Event Planners.

Thank you for being an Event Provider on willGather!

Great question! We’re happy to share more about how the planners are going to find your information.

What are the benefits of providing your information with willGather?

  • Gain more exposure!
  • Save time–less cold calling and promotions, more time doing what you love–your events!
  • Keep event planners updated about your events and easily add new offerings

Planners will search by event categories and can look at individual event pages that Event Providers create. On every event page, it will show your bio and your contact information. If you prefer not to create individual event pages for the events you offer, you could create a general event to describe the events you offer. You will want to select a category that most closely describes the event type you do. When you complete this information, the event planners will see your information. They will contact you on their own and ask questions about availability and cost. We do not manage booking, etc. We purely provide one location for event planners to search and find Event Providers efficiently.

The best way to get noticed is to include key words that activity directors might search for such as Valentine’s, Oktoberfest, Easter, or the use of specific instruments, etc. Also, including a picture or youtube video is another way to share your gift.

We utilize social media and would be interested in learning about your background and story of why you started entertaining the senior population. You can tag us if your posts and we can highlight the good work that you do each day!

We believe in transparency and the ability for our Event Providers to provide the best events possible. The Event Providers can see anonymous reviews about their events on their event page.

It is a Free resource for you and we do not take any commission. We have a small membership fee for the senior living facilities so that we can continue to run the site and provide quality events for our senior population. Part of our proceeds will go to provide events for underserved seniors that can not afford them through our willGather Wishes.

We are excited about this feature!

You can list where your Virtual programs can be accessed. We do not host your virtual programs- we identify that it’s an option for your programs and where Activity Directors can have access to your Virtual programs.

Once you create an Account with willGather- you are able to add the Virtual events/services you provide.

  • Add Virtual as an option under TYPE and REGION.
  • In your Event Description
    • You can list where your Virtual program can be accessed whether it’s via your website, Facebook, etc.
    • You can add your website or URL to access virtual locations.
  • Your events in the hands of Activity Directors all over the U.S. and in your local area. This is a great way to grow your audience!

We have just the solution! You will find our Virtual programs when you search under the keyword “virtual”. In our search functionality you may also search for Virtual events by TYPE. All of our Virtual programs will populate under this search. This gives you access to any Provider/vendor that provides Virtual programs from anywhere in the U.S.

We have the solution! We hope this finds you well, safe and healthy.

We’ve added a NEW Virtual Option Feature. Activity Directors and Senior Living Facilities are looking for you!

What are the benefits of promoting your events with willGather?

  • Gain more exposure!
  • Virtual programs can be accessed by Activity Directors in many different locations.
  • Save time–less cold calling, sending mailers and promotions, more time doing what you love–your events!
  • Keep event planners updated about your services and events. Easily add new offerings!