Break Down Barriers and Overcome Physical Limitations with Chair One Fitness

Break Down Barriers & Overcome Physical Limitations with Chair One Fitness:

#1 core value of Chair One Fitness is Compassion for the People- this value is woven in the entire episode. In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing Alexis Perkins, Founder and Creative Director of Chair One Fitness. First, we dive into the story behind Chair One Fitness, why, and how it was created. Next, we talk about who this program is designed for, the benefits of staying active as we age and how this program accommodates all levels of mobility and cognition. Their mission “is to give the gift of fitness to those who need it most.” Alexis’s passion for this aging population really shines through in all they do and the success stories that are shared during this episode. Lastly, we talk about how we can equip family members, loved ones, and the senior living community to encourage, lead, and teach others to be active and have fun.  Ending with a fun re-cap with Anna Larkin, an elderly caregiver- you don’t want to miss this dynamic episode!

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