A Beautiful Glimpse of Stillwater

stillwater trolley tour

Summer, Spring, and Fall outing ideas! Getting out and seeing our charming Minnesota cities helps our seniors feel connected to life. Stillwater is one of these cities. It’s beautiful, quaint and perfect for sightseeing. Capture a beautiful glimpse of Stillwater! We know that seeing this city has its barriers for our senior population so we have some recommendations to make your outing go as smoothly as possible. This is the perfect outing for someone that can navigate well with a walker or independently with minimal to moderate walking. You can start your day by enjoying the beautiful drive to Stillwater from wherever you are. We recommend that you start the day by having an early lunch at the Freight House Restaurant (www.fhstillwater.com) which sits on the St. Croix River and overlooks the historic lift bridge or by dining on the balcony of the Dock Café (www.dockcafe.com) for outdoor dining, which also has a water view.  These are good choices in that they are located next to a large parking area which is ideal for bus parking and are easily accessible and do not require too much walking from the bus drop off point. After lunch head across the street to pick up your historic tour by the Stillwater Trolley Company (minimal walking from either restaurant). The tour is 45 minutes in length and provides a narrated tour of the city which includes: the historic lift bridge, mansions in the hills of Stillwater and an amazing view of the St. Croix River Valley. This is an ideal way to see so much of the city that our elders would never be able to see by foot. The trolley is not wheelchair accessible but is accessible for those that can step up a few small stairs. The staff are very helpful and can assist for those that need a little “boost”. We suggest that you call ahead to reserve your spot on the trolley and let them know what date you will arrive.  The tickets are reasonable and are under $12 per ticket. Let us know if you’ve taken your seniors on the Stillwater Trolley tour! What are some of your favorite spring and summer outings?