6 Ways To Celebrate Our Senior Citizens

In honor of National Senior Citizens Day, we’ve come up with 6 ways we can celebrate the elders in our life.

  1. Touch base, have a phone call and conversation with the senior in your life. There are ways to be connected via phone calling programs, zoom, etc. If you are looking to connect with a senior – seniorswithskills.org is a wonderful non-profit organization that connects seniors with companions that can call and offer video chats- perfect in fighting social isolation.
  2. Learn about your family history. Have your loved one share their legacy by sharing their story. Capture those important life stories to share with your family and loved ones. Jessica Redmond is the founder of Storyteller, a memoir writing business. More information can be found at www.yourstorytogether.com
  3. Give the gift of learning-virtually! Artyourservice.org offers zoom classes to seniors. They will be delivering two live, interactive ZOOM sessions a day, for 5 days Monday to Friday. Each day will feature an interactive morning fitness class and a creative afternoon class. They have a song and dance social, chair-yoga, natural movement, drumming, and painting classes coming up next week. And don’t miss Friday’s Art Your Service Social with pub-style trivia!
  4. Share pictures with your elders. Famileo.com sends your loved one a newsletter each month filled with personal messages and pictures. Perfect for those elders that do not engage with technology.
  5. “Give the gift of fitness to those that need it most!”. From the words of the founder, Alexis King of Chair One Fitness. Chair One Fitness goes beyond tradition chair exercise programs and opens you up to movement you never knew you were capable of and so much more! Give the gift of fitness to your loved ones by setting them up with virtual classes with Chair One Fitness.
  6. Be informed and continue learning about our senior citizens! With COVID-19 almost instantly changing the way we engage our seniors, we at willGather have created a podcast, willGather: Navigating the world with your aging loved one. This is a space where we can honor our loved ones, have access to resources, and informative interviews for our aging community. A link can be found here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/driving-aging-safety-family-dynamics-gerontologist/id1508368233?i=1000485223504

Please visit willGather.com if you are an Activity Director looking for virtual programs and vendors for your programs.

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